Gallagher Bassett to Attend, Sponsor, and Present at the Workers' Compensation Institute's Annual Educational Conference
 Sunday, August 19, 2018 -
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  World Center Marriott
Orlando, Florida

Gallagher Bassett is pleased to attend, sponsor, and present at the 73rd Annual Workers' Compensation Educational Conference presented by the Workers' Compensation Institute.  The event runs from August 19th through August 22nd in Orlando, Florida. 


WCI is a leading national conference for the advancement of workers' compensation education, thought leadership, and business development.


To kick-off the WCI week, more than 100 GBers will participate in a day of service at Give Kids the World Village. This is the ninth year of the partnership between the Workers Compensation Institute and GKTW and GB’s fourth year participating. This year the group of volunteers exceeds 1,000, representing more than 100 companies. Over the course of one morning, the group will complete 2800 hours of work - more than the village volunteers complete in a full year.


Gallagher Bassett is taking an active role in 11 leading educational sessions this year.  


To lead off the conference, on Monday, August 20th, Gallagher Bassett and Concentra will co-host the 2018 Breakout on Workplace Health.  This is the second year of this partnership.  This year’s sessions are even more informative and comprehensive than last year’s program.  We are also pleased to provide downloadable content and workbooks for all attendees.  The slate of sessions for this year’s program are as follows:


At 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Greg McKenna will moderate “Workplace Wellbeing Starts with Preparing the Workplace:  The Role of Industrial Hygiene in Pursuit of Wellbeing.”  In this session, we will explore three topics related to industrial hygiene, and the steps that a risk manager can take to create a healthier work environment for employees. We begin at the microbial level. Then, we discuss the interpersonal dynamics that can create workplace stress. Lastly, we will review ergonomics in the area of industrial risk management.


Then, from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., Kristy Sands will lead a panel discussion called, “Improving Claims / Medical Communication Through the IME Process.”  In this second hour of the Workplace Health Track, we will explore the six medical reasons that generally benefit from the use of an independent medical exam (IME). Dr. Repp will moderate a discussion among two leading IME physicians and a leader from the claims/legal side of the industry about the appropriate techniques, correspondence skills, and medical skills necessary to obtain the most effective IME.


To close the 2018 Breakout on Workplace Health, Cari Miller will moderate and engaging session called, “The Five Pillars of Wellbeing: Helping Injured Workers Back to Total Wellbeing. In this final hour of the Workplace Health Track, we will explore the multi-faceted concept of Wellbeing. Based upon Gallup’s recent research, we will discuss the following 5 pillars that support total wellbeing: Social Wellbeing (the importance of meaningful relationships for the injured worker); Community Wellbeing (the positive effects of a strong network); Financial Wellbeing (the need for financial independence); Career Wellbeing (the importance of work/utility in total wellbeing); and finally, Physical Wellbeing (the aspiration to be free from pain, even if not pain free). Cari Miller will moderate a lively, emotionally engaging discussion with medical and claims professionals, including GB’s Shani Wright, to discuss how we can incorporate total wellness into claims and risk processes.


Speaking of claims managementJill Keene, CIC, CWC, CWCL will speak from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21 in a session called, “Adjuster Ethics: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the ‘All about the Fee’ Phenomenon. In this post-Castellanos landscape, aggressive litigation tactics are getting more prevalent. As this panel of experts addresses an adjuster’s ethical obligations, they will concurrently walk the “path of fee resistance” in exhibiting how ethical compliance can support employer/carrier’s denial of fee entitlement, while ethically providing a complete investigation and provision of benefits potentially payable to or on behalf of injured workers.  In addition, Greg McKenna will join a panel of claims management experts on Monday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., for a discussion on, Opiates – Update On Criminal Prosecution, Civil Actions, Legislation and Law Enforcement.


Gallagher Bassett is featured throughout the WCI Breakout for Adjusters.  On Tuesday, August 21st, Branch Manager Kerri Friedrich will lead a discussion entitled, “New Tactics, New Responses.”  This panel will focus its’ expertise on petition investigation/litigation to maximize claim defense strength and earlier favorable settlement opportunities by ensuring that a petition response does not serve as “blood in the water” to attract “fee hungry sharks.”  Later in the program, Kimberly Sprouse will moderate a panel discussion called, “How to Avoid Litigation (Trying to Keep the Horse in the Barn).”  This panel of industry experts will pool their cumulative experience to educate as to how to better control claims handling/investigation, and to minimize exposure to poor decisions that may lead to difficult to defend litigation. As much as there is little ability to control the claimant’s right to retain counsel, this presentation will focus on preparing the claim from onset through closure, so that the audience will have a new set of tools and strategies to litigate/negotiate from a position of strength.


In the Professional Mediation Track, GB’s Naomi Kuker will serve as an expert panelist in a session called, “Winning Tactics and Strategies for Adjusters and Attorneys.”  The program takes place from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning.  This program will focus on common mistakes made by attorneys, adjusters, and corporate decision-makers when attending mediation. The panel of prominent and experienced attorneys, mediators, and adjusters will address various winning negotiation styles as well as some that are counter-productive or even disastrous. This session is a “must attend” for anyone who participates in mediation and wants to obtain the best possible outcome.


On Tuesday afternoon, Greg McKenna will lead a panel of Risk Managers in a session called, “In Search of Wellness: The Five Pillars of Wellbeing.”  The panel will explore the multi-faceted concept of Wellbeing as it relates to risk management and business operations. We will explore how risk managers can influence employee wellness through the entire life cycle of the claim and in the pre-incident and post-incident stages as well.


As part of the Medicare Secondary Payer breakout, Cari Miller will speak on Tuesday afternoon from 3:15 – 4:15 pm on the topic of, “Medicaid – The Next MSP?”  The panel will take a deep dive into exactly what the third party liability laws are, how they operate, what the states are required to do, and how states are increasing their pursuit of TPL claims against settling parties. The session will also explore how the claims community has navigated the issues to date, and how the community will need to adjust to the emerging “new normal” of increased state recovery activity.


To close out the National Workers’ Compensation Review, Caryn Siebert will participate in a panel discussion on Tuesday, August 21st from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m., entitled, “Diversity and Inclusion – Objective Examples of Meaningful Inclusion.”  The panelists will share simple methodologies underlying concrete and successful D&I programs and policies that exist in the here and now – at their own companies. Learn how D&I has improved business operations and enhanced delivery of services.


On the final day of the conference, Gallagher Bassett will participate in the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation.  The program brings together some of the foremost names in our industry to discuss pertinent topics in leadership, business, and industry.  Our own Vilma Palma-Blackmon will moderate a session entitled, “Understanding the Importance of Financial Acumen,” where she will lead a table of attendees through an important workshop on critical financial and economic principles. 


We are looking forward to a great conference!  Please connect with us in Orlando.  Follow us on Twitter for live updates and information about this year's conference.


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