Profiles: Brian Knott
Feb 27, 2018

GB's number one asset is its employees.  Come and get to know Brian Knott.

1.  What is your current title?  GBIT Solutions Manager


2.  You were part of the GB team named finalist for TPA Team of the Year.  Why is Clinical Guidance important to the GB?  Imagine if you could help get an injured worker back to work quicker?  By utilizing years of claims data, cutting edge predictive analytics, and a experienced team of Clinical Nurses, the Clinical Guidance team is able to identify warning signs and help predict if a claimant needs attention quicker than traditional methods.  Since implementation, the Clinical Guidance team has been able to help reduce claim durations on identified claims by up to 20%. 


3.  Are there other projects that you’re working on that you can share?  I’m always in the middle of several projects, but lately I’ve been engaged with the Luminos application build out.  Luminos is helping redesign the way clients can view their data in a more hands on and visual manner.


4.  What advice would you give a new college grad starting out in our industry?  Never stop learning!  Technology, Insurance, and Client needs are constantly evolving.  By listening to data being provided, inspiration can be found everywhere and put you in a position to make a difference.


5.  What’s a favorite hobby or pastime?  When not linked into GB, I enjoy being active with family and friends, rooting for the Chicago Bears and White Sox to finally regain respectability, and searching for a way to figure out the confounding game of golf. 


6.  What book, movie or album would you recommend?  The Red Rising book series by Pierce Brown.  It’s a heart beating, wild ride of fantasy, science fiction and good old fashioned adventure. 


7.  What one word guides you?  Inspiration.  You never know where a creative idea can come from.  By constantly learning from the past, you can help guide and inspire solutions for the future.


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