Profiles: Brian Murphy
Apr 9, 2019

GB's number one asset is its employees.  Come and get to know Brian Murphy.

1.  What’s your current title?  Business Insights Analyst Senior


2.  Before moving to Analytics, you were an account manager for seven years.  How does your experience working in different industries and clients help drive insight into your analytics?  A large part of analysis is, of course, testing hypotheses.  I think a lot of my hypothesis generation comes from my experience as an account manager.  For example, would we expect WC spend on physical medicine to increase as opioid prescription continues to be scrutinized?  When curiosity strikes me, I can leverage the things we’re doing in GB Analytics to satisfy my curiosity.  There’s another analyst on the team too who previously worked in Field Operations.  We are often exchanging hypotheses that are shaped by our experiences in other parts of the business.


3.  Why are analytics important to claims management?  Having been in Account Management previously, I believe that analytics tell us where we should spend our time.  Risk management resources are not limitless, so being thoughtful about where we make impacts is tremendously importance.  


4.  If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why? Maybe Jerry Seinfeld.  I’m sure that seems like a waste to most people given that I could have an audience with anyone in history…but I like being entertained.


5.  You’re a fairly new parent.  What’s surprised you the most? Yeah, my daughter's almost six months old!  I don’t know if this happens to others, but I’ve had nights where my daughter has jarred me awake from a fairly deep sleep. While making my way over to the crib, I notice a headache come on as a result of the suddenness of it all.  That headache will typically accompany me for the first half of the work day.  However, it does make me think about her…which makes me smile.


6.  What book, movie, podcast or album would you recommend? I LOVE podcasts. Freakonomics is always a good one. More recently, I listened to “Finding Drago” which is a podcast about a mysterious book featuring a character from Rocky IV. I would definitely recommend it!


7.  What one word guides you?  Fun. 


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