Profiles: Kyle Dunlap
Mar 6, 2018

GB's number one asset is its employees.  Come and get to know Kyle Dunlap.

1.  What is your current title?  Claims Manager/Program Manager


2.  You recently joined the GB family through the National Transportation Adjusters acquisition.  How’s it been joining GB?  The past few months have been exciting but challenging for our team.  Soon after joining the GB family, we were fortunate to sign a large new client that nearly doubled our business and our staff.  The support we’ve received from everyone at GB has been extraordinary, and I am eager for the future. 


3.  We are proud of the deep industry knowledge you bring in specialized motor carrier claims handling.  Why is that understanding so important in handling transportation claims?  Transportation claims are indeed very specialized.  In order to drive outcomes, our staff has to truly understand the issues that plague the motor carrier sector.   Resolving transportation claims is our niche – it’s all we have ever done, which means we bring  many years of experience in liability, cargo and physical damage claims. 


4.  What’s the best career advice you received?  My father told me long ago to never stop learning, listening and constantly seeking to expand my knowledge base.  Superior knowledge breeds superior outcomes. The world of claims and claims law is ever-changing and we have to continually adapt our thinking and evaluate/modify our strategies to address these changes. 


5.  What’s the first concert you attended?  Red Hot Chili Peppers.


6.  What are you NOT very good at?  Dancing and golfing, but I have other virtues.


7.  What one word guides you?  Family.  I am getting married in April and have a 6-year old son.  Family has always been important to me and I am so grateful for those relationships. 

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