Profiles: Michelle Fohl
Feb 13, 2018

GB's number one asset is its employees.  Come and get to know Michelle Fohl.


1.  What is your current title?  Team Lead, Claims Operations


2.  You’re the team lead on a dedicated unit for a national retail client.  Why do you like being on a dedicated unit?  It allows us to become intimately close to the client’s focus on their products business, brand reputation and customers.



3.  You came to GB with the client.  What do you love about the claims industry?  It never gets old.  Every story is different even on the same type of claim. 


4.  Who is a role model in your life?  Why?  I don’t have just one.  My mother, of course, is my biggest, however I like to take the best in every person I meet with me to remind myself what more I can do, be and become.


5.  I heard you also coach gymnastic and you’ve been inducted into your alma mater’s hall of fame for your gymnastic accomplishments.  What is the most rewarding aspect of either coaching or competing? (…and who have you been talking to that knows all of this? Lol)  I would say the most rewarding aspect of competing was overcoming things like fear, injury and pressure and then to be rewarded for it is just a bonus.  I love coaching because gymnastics is my passion, so it’s easy and I love to see how little ones develop, not only physically, but mentally as well.  We teach them SO much more than just the sport.  We teach them life lessons: You have to work hard for something and it still doesn’t always go the way you expect;  Be humble and cheer on everyone despite how your performance is, acknowledge and congratulate your competition; There is no tolerance for cheating as it not only defeats yourself, but lets down others that count on you.


6.  What’s the first concert you ever attended?  Damn Yankees, at the Ohio State Fair.


7.  What one word guides you?  Think.  When I’m stuck on something, when I have to get past something, whenever I’m challenged by something, I will say…out loud… to myself, ‘Think Michelle’ and for whatever reason…it works.  


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