Profiles: Terry Self
Mar 13, 2018

GB's number one asset is its employees.  Come and get to know Terry Self.

1.  What is your current title?  Assistant Vice President & Transportation Practice Group Leader


2.  You’re GB’s transportation practice group leader.  What makes transportation claims different than others?  Claims are often more complex especially when an accident involves very large vehicles. The regulatory and litigation environment in the transportation industry can also impact claim outcomes.


3.  How does your background as a previous risk manager help the risk managers you work with?  I can relate to what keeps them up at night.  I know the pressures placed upon the risk management role to reduce frequency and the cost of claims.  I have helped my peers within GB understand the role of the risk manager through education and conversations so that we can be an even more trusted advisor to our clients.


4.  If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?  Why?  Billy Graham.  He made an eternal impact for countless people.


5.  What’s something you’re proud of?  In my personal life, I have been married for 32 years to the love of my life and have two of the finest sons a dad could dream of having.  In my work life, I have been very proud of helping organizations transform their cultures by providing “care” for their employees and helping them go home safely to their loved ones each and every day.


6.  You’re in Texas – who’s your favorite football team?  I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan but since my oldest son played football at the Air Force Academy, I am Falcon fan for life!


7.  What one word guides you?  Integrity.


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