Gallagher Bassett to Attend, Sponsor, and Present at the Workers' Compensation Institute's Annual Educational Conference
 Sunday, August 11, 2019 -
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  Orlando World Center Marriott

Gallagher Bassett is pleased to attend, sponsor, and present at the 74th Annual Workers' Compensation Educational Conference presented by the Workers' Compensation Institute.  The event runs from August 19th through August 22nd in Orlando, Florida. 


WCI is a leading national conference for the advancement of workers' compensation education, thought leadership, and business development.


To kick-off the WCI week, more than 100 GBers will participate in a day of service at Give Kids the World Village. This is the tenth year of the partnership between the Workers’ Compensation Institute and GKTW and GB’s fifth year participating. This year the group of volunteers exceeds 1,000, representing more than 100 companies. Over the course of one morning, the group will complete 2,800 hours of work - more than the village volunteers complete in a full year. Gallagher Bassett is also a VIP Village sponsor for Saturday evening's gala, to raise funds for GKTW's ongoing operations.


Gallagher Bassett is taking an active role in a number of leading educational sessions this year.  


Monday, August 12


Breakout on Workplace Health

1:00PM to 4:00PM, Grand Ballrooms 13 & 14

Join Gallagher Bassett for the Breakout on Workplace Health. Cari Miller (Vice President of Governmental Affairs & Counsel, Gallagher Bassett) kicks it off at 1:00 PM, with "Protect this Space - EHS from the Soil Below to the Stars Above", featuring Chris Spider (Principal, WCD Group). In this session, we will examine a series of enterprise risk management issues related to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), as well as examples of how claims professionals can and should account for the risks associated with some of the largest and most important elements of their corporate balance sheets. Kristy Sands (VP Communications, Gallagher Bassett) continues the breakout with "Return to Work, Reimagined", featuring Leanne Foster (AVP GBCARE, Gallagher Bassett). In this session, we take a closer look at the claims process and the outcomes following traumatic injuring, concentrating on conconssion protocols and return-to-work practices. Finally, Greg McKenna (SVP Communications, Gallagher Bassett) moderates "Unhelpful Support", featuring Shani Wright (Claims Supervisor, Gallagher Bassett). In this final hour, our expert panel will discuss interpersonal relationship stress in the workplace, evaluating models of organizational design that create and alleviate workplace stress.


Negotiation: The Cornerstone of Winning Mediation Strategies

9:30 AM, Grand Ballroom 8A, Convention Level

Join Naomi Kuker (Resolution Manager, Gallagher Bassett) and panellists as they dive into their perspectives on how to bring a case to resolution - and settlement.


A Culture of Innovation, Cultivating Engagement

1:00 PM, Grand Ballroom 7A, Convention Level

Join Greg McKenna (SVP Communications, Gallagher Bassett) as he moderates a breakout session designed for risk managers. Senior business leaders from the energy, hospitality, and manufacturing industries will discuss big topics as they relate to the work comp industry, including the effect of employee engagement, customer service, and the role of innovation in safety. 


Putting the Horse Back In Front of the Medical Cart: New Outcomes-Based Analysis, Treatment, and Guidelines

3:30 PM, Grand Ballroom 8A, Convention Level

Join Jeffrey A. White (SVP, Work Comp Programs, Gallagher Bassett) as he discusses new systems which map EMB guidelines directly onto the medical billing data to derive an index based on the percentage of care, out of a fixed total, that complies with the workers' compensation treatment guidelines. If you work in this field, you don't want to miss it!



Tuesday, August 13


Here to Serve: Five Keys and Five Must-Haves to Manage RTW in the Service Sector

9:00 AM, Crystal Ballroom H

Join Kristy Sands (VP Communications, Gallagher Bassett) and other panellists discuss return to work (RTW) trends in the RTW breakout track. Risk managers will provide attendees with their "secret sauce" for RTW in the service sector, and Gallagher Bassett will present the "must-haves". 


Medicare Secondary Payer Policy Issues in Washington: PAID Act, LMSAs, ORM, Treasury

1:00 PM, Grand Ballroom G1

Join Cari Miller (Vice President of Governmental Affairs & Counsel, Gallagher Bassett) and panelists as they discuss anticipated changes in the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) arena. There is new legislation designed to assist parties with reimbursement obligations. CMS has indicated that costs associated with future medical care and the use of MSAs in the liability context are being considered. CMS and the Department of Treasury's pursuit of reimbursements continues to present hurdles, but opportunities to make the process work better are on the horizon. Come to this presentation to learn all about these new changes, and how day-to-day claim resolution will be changing as a result.


Common Pitfalls of the Medicare Secondary Payer Process and How to Avoid Them - The View from CMS

2:00 PM, Grand Ballroom G1

Join Cliff Connor (VP Medicare Compliance, Gallagher Bassett) and other experts as they explain the roles of each different CMS contractors with which claims professionals will work, and will also answer common questions from the regulated community. Attendees will hear from a prominent CMS contracter about the MSP program, what is involved, and how to efficiently navigate the claims resolution process.


Adjuster Ethics: How to Avoid the Pitfall of the "All About the Fee" Phenomenon

1:00 PM, Palms Ballroom - Royal

Join Jill Keene (Claim Supervisor, Gallagher Bassett) and panel as they discuss the trend of aggresive litigation tactics becoming more prevalent. As this panel addresses an adjuster's ethical obligations, they will concurrently walk the "path of fee resistance" in exhibiting how ethical compliance can support emplyoer/ carrier's denial of attorney fee entitlement, which ethically providing a complete investigation and provision of benefits potentially due.


Best Practices for Best Mediation Results

2:15 PM, Palsm Ballrooms - Canary & Sabal

Join Kimberly Sprouse (Workers' Compensation Claims Supervisor, Gallagher Bassett) and other panelists as they discuss mediation. This presentation will focus on creating a "best practice" for mediation preparation and attendance, to ensure the likelihood that the most favorable outcome is achieved.



On Wednesday, August 14, join the Alliance of Women in Workers' Compensation for an inspirational leadership breakout called "Rise and Resilience". Gallagher Bassett is proud to sponsor the Alliance on a national level.



We are looking forward to a great conference!  Please connect with us in Orlando.  Follow us on Twitter for live updates and information about this year's conference.



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