GB Supports the Third Annual Mustard Seed School Drive
Aug 30, 2019

Sacramento's Social Purpose Committee met 3 years ago and Supervisor Carol Rider knew of the school and suggested we hold a drive for school supplies. The Committee organizes 3-4 drives throughout the year donating to different non-profit organizations. 


With a blockbuster response the first year of the Mustard Seed School drive, the team decided to make this effort an annual one.  This year, Sacramento West and Carrier Practice participants gave thousands of dollars in school supplies to the organization.  Even Gentle Bear made an appearance in support of the effort!


Established in 1989, Mustard Seed is a free, private school for children 3-15 years old which provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment, a positive learning experience, happy memories, survival resources of food, clothing and shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling for children and their parents, and assistance entering or reentering public schools. Mustard Seed School was established in 1989 to help meet the needs of homeless children. 


Many school age children do not attend school because of their homelessness; some lack immunizations, birth certificates, or other documents, some are in transit, and almost all lack a support system. In spite of their situations these children are eager to learn and to be accepted.


If you would like to learn more about this charitable organization, click here.


The team involved, left to right: Kelly McCarron, Shelli Vincente, Melinda Gomez, Heather Cisneros, Bernard Gagain, Georggrey Clifton, Gretchen O'Connor, Trish Agojian, Erin McKinney, Casandra Hoyer, Sandra Gonzalez, and Gabrielle Henzel


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