GB Supports Our 2018 Summer Interns
Jul 26, 2018

Come every summer, a new group of interns arrive at Gallagher Bassett eager to make their mark on the professional world.  Each class brings different experiences, accomplishments, and a hopeful glimpse of the company’s future.


Today, Thursday July 26th, marks National Intern Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the great work done by interns. Created by WayUp, this ‘holiday’ encourages employers to empower and recognize the vital contributions of their interns.


This year there are 14 GB summer interns at our headquarters. Upon starting, most of them had not been previously exposed to a professional environment.  Their mentors provided advice and guidance to smooth the transition from college student to professional intern.  According to Victoria Glowacki, a GB claims and litigation management intern, “I’ve looked up to my supervisor, Bronwyn Kossman, as my mentor this summer. She has a great attitude towards everything and is always willing to help me when I have questions or need insight.” Mentor moments, like the one Victoria shared, create meaningful, long-lasting relationships that we embrace at GB.


All of GB’s interns have participated in a number of exciting activities, including a weeklong orientation held at our headquarters. For Derek Schneider, a GB analytics intern, “one of [his] favorite moments was working at Feed My Starving Children for a morning.”  Every year, a day is set aside for a day of service.  The hours spent at the intern’s Feed My Starving Children trip were recorded and added to Gallagher’s 90th Anniversary Year of Giving goal of completing 90,000 hours of service by September 30, 2018.


Our GB interns are fortunate to be a part of the Gallagher community and a part of Gallagher’s internship program.  Gallagher’s internship program continues to grow and gain recognition as one of the top internships of our industry. As a result of great intern experiences like Victoria and Derek, Gallagher has the opportunity to be voted into WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs List. To help us accomplish this, you can vote for Gallagher at:


Happy National Intern Day, and remember to celebrate your interns today and every day!


Gallagher interns on a day of service at Feed My Starving Children outing.


The interns at headquarters after on their first day of orientation at headquarters.


GB interns meeting with the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner.


Ellen Daniels is an intern with Gallagher Bassett. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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