Gallagher Bassett’s Update on Business Continuity
Mar 13, 2020

Gallagher Bassett continues to closely monitor the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  To that end, we have gathered online resources to help you to track the spread of the virus.  With more cases appearing globally and concern growing daily, we stand ready to help our clients and partners navigate these challenging times with confidence.


At the onset of the global outbreak, we enacted and engaged our business continuity and preparedness programs.  As part of this effort, last month GB formed a Global COVID-19 Task Force to help our global business units test, execute, and refine of our business continuity and recovery processes.  The Global COVID-19 Task Force has two primary and equally important objectives: to maintain the seamless delivery of our service offerings and to vigilantly protect of our teams around the globe from exposure to the virus.


First and foremost, we are taking decisive steps to ensure the continuity of our service delivery.  We have enacted and tested business continuity plans, and we are fully prepared to effectively manage claims programs if it were to become necessary to have individual resolution managers, select teams, branches, or even the entire operation work remotely.  Some of the most critical steps we have taken thus far:


  1. Gallagher Bassett has a strong history of enabling remote work and we have developed effective tools to manage claims in virtual office settings.  We have re-confirmed our universal work-from-home capabilities for our claims and support staff. We have ability to remotely operate all claims functions from outside the branch or claims office environment, and we are encouraging all of our employees who can work from home to do so.


  1. What’s more, we have the quality assurance tools and management practices in place to allow supervisors and managers to see into claims file performance, and monitor claims progress, even when the claims staff works remotely.


  1. Recognizing the vital roles our strategic partners play in the successful operation of our business, we have tested and validated the business continuity plans of all of our preferred and critical vendor partners.  We are proud of the way each of our strategic partners has executed on their commitment to Gallagher Bassett and our clients.  We are confident in their ability to continue delivering exemplary service and superior outcomes on your claims programs.


  1. We have launched a digital hub for news, information, and best practices at our online newsroom, The Network.  We will continue to update this site and provide critical COVID-19 updates on our social and digital channels.  In addition, you may subscribe to The Network for additional updates directly from our site.


Additionally, here are some of the critical steps we have taken to prevent the spread of the virus in our organization:


  1. Gallagher Bassett has restricted travel for our employees, in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, to mitigate the risk of infection.  In addition, we will refrain from attending large gatherings, events, and conferences until further notice. 


  1. We have suspended in-person meetings, both internally and externally.  This includes the restriction of non-Gallagher Bassett visitors at our office locations.   To accommodate these meetings, while limiting the risk of transmission of the virus, we have increased our use of video conferencing, virtual meetings, and teleconferencing.


  1. We have educated our workforce and enforced a social distancing policy to limit the risk of personal or community transmission of the virus should any member of the team become infected.


  1. GB has reinforced through posters, internal campaigns, and points of emphasis the importance of personal and professional hygiene, through use of hand sanitizers and proper hand washing.


We will continue to share updates about our operational readiness and planning as the situation unfolds.  If you have questions about claims management, or if you have a need for environmental, health, and safety testing, industrial hygiene resources, or decontamination services, please connect with us.


We stand ready to help.




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