Hurricane Dorian Poised to Make Landfall in Florida
Aug 30, 2019

Update 9/6/2019: The National Hurricane Center has dangerous storm surges and winds continue to impact North Carolina, along with parts of southeastern Virginia. Areas of flash flooding are to continue through Friday evening. No service disruptions are expected.




Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in Florida on Tuesday monring. The National Hurricane Center has put out advisories and many Floridians are awaiting evacuation orders. Meanwhile, FEMA prepares for a multi-state impact, including parts of Georgia and the Carolinas.


Gallagher Bassett is not experiencing or expecting any service disruptions. Our business continuity plan is in place to ensure there are no service disruptions and our capabilities/ CAT teams have been engaged and stand ready to assist our clients. We're following all preparedness protocols and the latest developments to ensure our employees are safe.


Hurricane Dorian is currently classified as a Cat 3 storm, but is forecast to hit Florida as a Cat 4 storm.


We will continue to track the progress of the storm. Please stay tuned to the Network for GB-related updates.


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