But Wait - A Follow Up
May 16, 2023

By: Dr. Gary Anderberg, SVP - Claim Analytics


A few issues back, we talked about the potential hazards of incorrectly using the considerable powers of AI systems like ChatGPT. We noted then that risk management should be thinking about risk policies concerning the proper use of AI. As it happens, the good folks at the Society for Human Resources Management have been working on exactly this question. While their approach to developing effective policies is based primarily on HR concerns, their ideas also have applications for risk management. Check it out at How to Create the Best ChatGPT Policies (shrm.org). (This website is open to SHRM members, so have your friends over in HR grab this and print it for you.)


We all have a lot to learn about risk and the new AI systems, both as potential exposures and as tools for better understanding and controlling risk. SHRM’s think piece is an excellent contribution to better understanding.


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