Claims Post-Lockdown: The Challenges of Managing Employees Remotely
Dec 8, 2020

Are you struggling to manage your remote employees?

With the impact that COVID-19 has left on the entire world, many insurance companies are struggling with managing employees remotely. No matter where your team is located, you can find ways to ensure your business's success while everyone is working remotely.

That's why today, we've created this quick guide with several tips to help you better understand how to overcome the current challenges you're facing with remote employee management. Keep reading to learn more!


Lack of Direction

Have you found that your team is lacking direction since working remotely? Even if you're sending out regular emails, you may have noticed business interruption taking hold of your business. 

You can better lead your time and reduce the impact that business interruption has on your business by making regular face-to-face meetings.  

Managing a face-to-face meeting with the help of digital tools, such as Zoom, can allow you to work together to overview your current business objectives. Plus, you can implement idea harvesting, as well as an action plan, on how to overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on your business.  


Not Meeting Goals 

If you've recently discovered that your team isn't meeting the goals that they were before the pandemic spread, it's time you take action. Developing clear outlines and expectations of what goals your team needs to be meeting will help improve your team's performance. 

In a remote setting, how insurance claims are being handled has greatly altered. Finding a way to encourage increased productivity by clearly outlining goals will play a critical role in managing your remote employees. 


Not Providing Your Team with the Right Tools

If you aren't providing your team with the right tools, how do you expect them to succeed with claims management

By giving your remote team access to the tools that they need to succeed, you'll be able to watch your team flourish. Some tools that you should provide your team with are: 

  • A tool that allows your employees to track their personal progress
  • A tool that allows your employees to track their progress against the rest of the team
  • A way to easily reach out to management for questions or support
  • A way to share information with the rest of the team, such as with Google Docs or Microsoft Office
  • A comfortable headset that won't restrict your employees to being in one confided space all-day 

You need to provide your team with several other important factors to see them succeed in claims management. Keeping this information in mind will build a remote environment that will make your employees feel valued and appreciated.  


Managing Employees Remotely and Effectively 

When you're in the insurance and claims industry, discovering the best ways for managing employees remotely can be tricky. If you don't want to watch business interruptions caused by COVID-19 take down your business, learning how to manage your remote employees is vital. 

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