How to Support Disabled Employees While Working Remotely
Sep 15, 2020

Regardless of what industry you're in, it's important that you embrace the value that disabled employees working from home can provide. 

Disabled professionals can benefit greatly from being set up to work from the comfort of their homes. This minimizes liabilities while also providing opportunities to diverse employees. 

Here's how you and your disabled employees can get on the same page with remote work. 



1. View It as an Opportunity

Remote work can work fluidly and become an asset when you make the right decisions.

People with disabilities already have their homes set up to accommodate their needs. Providing them the ability to work at home removes stress, and creates opportunities to hire new professionals with disabilities.

This can make a difference, since about 79% of professionals aged 25 to 54 are employed, compared to just 40% of people in the same age bracket who have disabilities. 

Hiring disabled professionals to work remotely is a win-win for your company and for the employee. Your disabled employees can work with autonomy, while your company stays productive. 

What's more, a diverse company is more effective, well-rounded, and productive in the long-run. 


2. Modify Your Company's Approach, Check-in Regularly and Fix Problems Quickly 

The Equality Act of 2010 in the UK sets some standards in place for how to help your disabled employees. Consider these guidelines and always go the extra mile. 

For instance, tailor your new employee recruitment strategy to always consider disabled professionals who can jump in and fill some remote positions.

Consistently provide professional training opportunities to your disabled employees so that they learn skills that improve your company and their life as a professional. 

Hold daily meetings or check-in sessions to see how your disabled professionals are adapting. Be prepared to make quick adjustments to make their workflow easier. 

Always ask about their equipment needs and whether you can get them set up with something new that will help. Make sure that their video technology is solid and stable so they can participate in these daily meetings. 


3. Push Wellness and Self Care

Finally, always push wellness and self-care information to your disabled employees. It can be difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance when a disabled person is earning their living from home. 

Encourage these employees to take plenty of breaks and not to run themselves ragged working excessively long hours. Stress hydration and keeping healthy foods in the house.

There are several exercise resources and opportunities for disabled people. Your disabled employees will get intense workouts by working around their limitations. Wellness and self-care also provide stress relief. A less stressed, healthier workforce will always get more done.  

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace, so keep supplying everyone with the right information. 


Help Your Disabled Employees Thrive 

Mastering these tips will keep your company morale high. Your disabled employees will feel supported, which makes your company more productive.

Making life easier for you and giving you the tools to get the outcomes you desire is where we thrive the most. In fact, it's our mission. 

Use these tips and connect with us to learn more about risk control, technology and analytics, and so much more. 


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