The Best New Year's Mental Health Resolutions for 2021
Dec 8, 2020

We've been through a lot this year. Whether you're working from home for the foreseeable future or still have to go into the office, take a deep breath, take some time out, and get back to self-care principles.

There's no better self-care than focusing on your mental health. When you have control of your mind and the way you think, it helps the way you process the world and will bring wholeness to your life.

We've got some foundational tips to help you build strong mental health into the year 2021 and far beyond.

Keep reading to learn about some mental health resolutions that'll fortify your mind and spirit for the coming year. 


Vow to Take Breaks and Time Off From Work

You have to find balance in your life if you hope to have mental health. Sometimes you might overwork yourself and this makes stress build-up that usually leads to an unhealthy climax. Simply taking breaks and time off from the job can work wonders for your mental health.

Aside from taking additional time off, just reclaiming your weekends can improve your mental health by leaps and bounds. Too many of us work stressful hours at work during the week, only to fill the weekend with loads of personal projects or errands that don't give any time at all to decompress.

Make sure that you actually allow yourself time to rest and recharge during the weekend, or your stresses will only keep compounding.

Use your vacation time every year so that you can get away for a while and recharge your batteries. Even taking a small vacation to unwind can help you find a balance that is healthy and fortifying.


Create a Daily Meditation Habit 

News of COVID-19 dominated headlines throughout 2020. The stresses of life and society will pile up and hurt you if you don't take the time to decompress. 

Meditation is one of the best steps you can take to decompress and sharpen your focus. People who meditate are literally training their brains with each session. Meditation works your brain's Reticular Activating System (RAS), which is responsible for your ability to notice patterns and trends.

By accessing this part of your brain, it becomes easier to sort things out in your life rather than getting lost in the jumble and clutter that your brain naturally creates.

The beauty is that the more you meditate, the more comfortable you with the chaos that your brain naturally thrives in. This can help your decision making and feeling of safety and security.

Having a meditation practice can help build your feeling of spiritual connectedness to something bigger than yourself. It's great for the brain and can help stress melt away. 


Exercise at Least a Little Bit Everyday

Scientists like Willem Boone have left groundbreaking research about the inherent connection between the mind and the body. What this means is that a healthy body creates a healthy mind just as much as a healthy mind can create a healthy body.

Exercising on a regular basis can help you decrease stress in your life and soothe your body. 

You can take your mental health in hands simply by exercising several times per week. No matter what form of workout you prefer, elevating your heart rate and working up a serious sweat on a regular basis is there a putic and nature's medicine for your mind. Your brain produces feel good endorphins that act as mental medicine every single time you exercise.

This allows you to be formidable against the many different changes that happened on a day today so weak bases. Your mind will work better when you're constantly pumping up a sweat, you'll feel better and have more energy.


Learn to Let it Go

There's so much of life that we can't control. Because of this, you need to have mastery over the things within your control. 

So where does that leave the things you can't control? Let them go. Seriously. 

If you admittedly have no control over that potential outcome you're stressing out over, submit to this fact, and vow now to worry about it. Trust yourself to be resilient no matter what life throws your way, as opposed to needlessly stressing yourself out over things that may never happen. 

Learning to let go is a way of life and something that you will have to revisit on a moment by moment basis. When you give yourself the grace and freedom to not stress over these sorts of matters, you'll learn to appreciate the little things and live lighter. 


Start a Journal

Studies prove that keeping a journal is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. It gives you a private space to jot down your thoughts, rather than letting them fester in your head. 

As such, you'll find that the many boogeymen that you're stressing out over are actually toothless. It's a healthy practice that also helps you to think clearly and live with gratitude. 


Carry These Mental Health Resolutions Into the New Year

If you keep these mental health resolutions tops in your life, you can virtually guarantee will be more exciting and fulfilling than 2020. Your quality of life will improve when you learn to master your mind using these tips. 

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