LUMINOS: Evaluating Your RMIS Solution
Aug 9, 2021

The 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Over 11,000 elite athletes representing 200 plus nations competed at the highest levels in their respective disciplines. Many measures were used across the 33 sporting events for participants to earn a medal podium spot, including fastest time, longest distance and highest point totals. Years of hard work and tireless effort came down to differences in milliseconds, inches and score totals at the buzzer.


So, what measures can we use to evaluate bundled Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) in the TPA market space?


Features and functions are certainly at the top of the list. Ensuring that the selected RMIS product suite includes all of the data inquiry, transaction reporting, and advanced interactive analytics is crucial to successfully managing business risks and enterprise-wide liabilities. Widening our lens, at a higher level we can also use industry recognitions, Net Promoter Scores® (NPS®), and Client Testimonials to assess bundled RMIS products.


The 2021 RMIS Report is a great place to start. Published by respected insurance industry veterans David Tweedy and Patrick O’Neill, the annual report is an independent review of all of the RMIS product offerings available in the marketplace today. The Report includes NPS® scores, feature set evaluations, and general comments covering all bundled and unbundled RMIS system options available for use by risk managers, brokers and insurance carriers.


NPS® for the RMIS Report, compiled annually through direct client survey results, measure the likelihood that individuals would recommend the RMIS products they use to a colleague or friend. For the fourth year in a row, Gallagher Bassett clients have rewarded LUMINOS with the top NPS® scores for a bundled RMIS solution. We are honored by this achievement as we strive to successfully merge our claims management expertise, intellectual capital, and computing technologies into our ecosystem of industry leading LUMINOS RMIS products.


The 2021 RMIS Report also awarded LUMINOS with the highest feature set ranking in the bundled TPA space. Client testimonials we receive mirror the RMIS Report results. Risk managers note that our LUMINOS products are user friendly, excel at meeting a wide array of Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) information management requirements, and accommodate all levels of customization to meet organizational needs.


Did you know that we offer over 20 different Expanded Service options with our award winning LUMINOS RMIS product? Beginning next week, we will be highlighting many of the Expanded Service offerings available to Gallagher Bassett clients. Yes, we are taking things to The NEXT Level.


In the meantime, to learn more about our LUMINOS Expanded Service Offerings, please engage members of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, SVP RMIS Solutions, at


Jenn Turner is the SVP RMIS Solutions at Gallagher Bassett and has over 30 years experience. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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