LUMINOS: Fleet Management Module
Aug 13, 2021

Stuck in traffic lately? You’re not alone. Recent statistics show there are nearly 230 million licensed drivers in the United States. The number of vehicles in the US is even higher—over 275 million on the roads. And the ages of our vehicles continue to climb. Car and Driver recently noted that the average vehicle age is 12 years old while CNBC noted that, on average, one in four vehicles is at least 16 years old.


Ever thought about managing your relevant fleet operations data with your Risk Management Information System (RMIS) product suite?


We have. Prevailing risk management requirements demand accessible computing technologies that include traditional core RMIS feature sets as well as additional tools that meet a wide array of information management requirements. Employing add-on RMIS features and functions that easily manage diverse data sets and simplify information consolidation is smart business. Our extensive list of LUMINOS Expanded Services supports a holistic view of all applicable program-specific factors impacting your risk mitigation strategies and Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) while extending the reach of enterprise-wide risk management programs.


Stepping outside the boundaries of traditional claim inquiry and transactional loss run reporting, fleet management is an increasingly important component of modern-day risk management programs. Any organization utilizing more than five vehicles for commercial purposes is generally considered to be in the fleet management business. So, how are you managing your fleet data?


Through our partnership with Origami Risk, our award-winning bundled hybrid RMIS product includes a fleet management module as an option offered by Gallagher Bassett to our clients, carriers, and broker customers. The module enables you to maintain the relevant data attributes affecting your fleet program within our LUMINOS product suite: a single data repository, supporting fingertip access to disparate information that improves overall productivity and the efficacy of supporting data analytics.


Easily manage all relevant vehicle information, regulatory compliance details, and applicable maintenance activities. Track driver information, routine repairs, and accident histories. Simplify annual budgeting and forecasting efforts. And streamline annual policy renewal efforts—all within the boundaries of a single computing tool set. Add the LUMINOS Fleet Management module to your menu options and take your RMIS to The NEXT Level.


Interested in learning more about our Fleet Management module? Or any other LUMINOS Expanded Services offerings available to Gallagher Bassett clients through our RMIS product? We’d be delighted to talk with you. Please engage members of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, SVP RMIS Solutions, at


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