LUMINOS: Life Safety Audit
Aug 20, 2021

Heading to an office, manufacturing facility or warehousing distribution center today? Take note of the lighted exit signs, fire extinguishers, and fixed handrails throughout the facility. Governed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)® 101 Life Safety Code®, the NFPA publication is utilized in every state throughout our country to enhance public safety. Used in conjunction with local build codes, NFPA® 101 is the accepted, definitive regulation source dedicated to the protection of all human life in buildings, occupancies, and affiliated structures.


Ever thought about managing all of your relevant Life Safety Audit compliance data with your Risk Management Information System (RMIS) product suite?


We have. Successful modern day risk and claims management programs demand a complete view of ALL applicable program-specific factors impacting your risk mitigation strategies and Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).

Our goal at Gallagher Bassett is to continually evaluate client, carrier, and broker risk data management requirements to ensure that we successfully deliver the most robust RMIS tools available in the bundled TPA marketplace. Our extensive list of over 20 LUMINOS Expanded Services broadens the reach of your risk management programs, simplifying the collection and analysis of disparate data sets with a single information repository.


Life safety audit management is a fundamental component of any risk management program. Noting figures from a recent U.S. Energy Information Administration study, roughly six million buildings account for the estimated 100 billion square feet of commercial space available for use in the United States. How do you manage all of your safety audit data? Do you have the right tools for the job? Do you work for your data, or does your data work for you?


Through our partnership with Origami Risk, our award-winning bundled hybrid RMIS product includes an audit management module as an available Expanded Service option. The add-on module enables you to maintain all of the relevant safety inspections, audit findings, and follow-up recommendation data within our LUMINOS product suite.


Simplify management of life safety audit information collection and regulatory compliance details. Track audit timeline completion dates, required documentation submissions, and remediation task completions. Implement audit process improvements. Merge audit data, accident histories, and applicable claim data for holistic views into your TCOR program. Ensure that all of your physical facilities comply with NFPA® 101, applicable build codes, and local ordinances by utilizing our LUMINOS RMIS tools.


Utilizing our add-on audit Expanded Service option is a great value proposition for your organization––and smart business. Add the LUMINOS Life Safety Audit module to your menu options today, and take your RMIS tools to The NEXT Level.


Interested in learning more about our Life Safety Audit management module or any of the other LUMINOS Expanded Service offerings available to Gallagher Bassett clients through our RMIS product? We’d be happy to talk with you. Please engage members of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, Senior Vice President \of RMIS Solutions, at


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