The Future of Work at Gallagher Bassett
Oct 14, 2021

We at Gallagher Bassett are excited to announce our reopening plans that will go into effect on January 1, 2022. As part of our reopening plans, we are launching some important changes to our workplace strategy that will enhance our ability to attract and retain top talent and enhance our ability to deliver superior service for our clients.


First, we are making additional investments in our larger operating hubs and expanding our efforts to develop the next generation of claims professionals. These larger hubs will become recruiting and training centers of excellence across the country and will serve as touchstone examples of our most important talent development strategies. To support the evolution of these hubs, we are expanding our team of recruiters, mentors, and technical trainers. We are also refining our industry-leading career pathways and rotational programs for new entrants to the insurance industry. These changes are designed to provide a richer, hands-on learning experience to complement the educational curriculum so participants have an even more solid foundation for career growth.



Second, we will enable a larger portion of our Claims Operation team members, who swiftly acclimated to working from home in 2020, to continue working remotely on a permanent basis. This is the natural evolution of the progressive, flexible work philosophy Gallagher Bassett pioneered in the industry over a decade ago. Those years of experience have afforded us the tools, management process, and expertise necessary to support a highly productive and effective remote work option for seasoned, high-performing claims professionals. Our recent experience through the pandemic has demonstrated that those working remote are more satisfied, engaged, and motivated and have overwhelmingly expressed a desire to continue to have the flexibility to work remotely in the long term. Further, our ability to confidently expand remote work options supports our growing need to attract and retain the best talent across the country – regardless of where they live.       



“The capabilities and the learnings of the past year and a half have informed our decision to extend the ability to work remotely for even more people, while positioning the right role in the right place at the right time for our employees and our clients,” says Mike Hessling, CEO, North America. “This will allow us to continue to recruit the best claims professionals across the country – regardless of their experience level or where they reside.”



While more of our seasoned claims professionals will have the opportunity to work remotely, we will continue to have teams in offices across the country including many in roles that do not lend themselves to remote work.



Many of the investments and much of the work to enable our re-opening plans have been underway for months and are on-track to meet our January 1st re-opening date. Ajay Sinha, Executive Vice President, Claims Operation, says, “We have developed and invested in tools to ensure that our team members are productive, engaged, and delivering on the promise that we are a provider delivering superior outcomes wherever they work. And we are committed to making the GB employee and client experience exceptional.”



This article was originally posted in June 2021 with a tentative start date of September 7, 2021 but has since been edited to reflect the new date, which was pushed back because of the Delta variant of COVID-19 and its effects.


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