In Touch Awards Recognizes GB for Excellence in Workers' Compensation
Nov 14, 2018

Gallagher Bassett nominees for the In Touch Awards

Gallagher Bassett is proud of our nominees for the In Touch Awards for Excellence in Workers’ Compensation.

Created in 2011 by In Touch, the Excellence Awards promote and recognize the best-of-the-best performance of professionals working within the workers’ compensation industry.  Physicians, Providers of Health Services, and other professionals within the Workers’ Compensation industry are nominated by their colleagues, and for their consistent performance providing excellence in customer service and expertise within their specific field of work.


Vilma Palma-Blackmon, Senior Vice President, Southeast Zone, Claims Operations & and Isabel Dovale, Network Developer  
Winner:  2018 Most Influential Award
The Most Influential Award honors individuals in the industry who are determined to have made a significant impact on the lives of others through care and services provided, as well as by influencing peers and colleagues through exceptional leadership.  Ms. Palma-Blackmon, a recent honoree in the Florida Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame, is delighted to have been an influencer in our industry throughout her career.  As a previous winner, Ms. Dovale continues to provide advocacy within her role as the FlexWorks Network Developer to bring innovation and effectiveness to the Workers’ Compensation program of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and the employees they serve towards recovery from injuries. 


Kristy Sands, Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Winner: 2018 Women Leading the Way Award
Kristy was recognized for her promotion of the advancement of women in the Workers Compensation industry.  The award was created to recognize that secure and confident women need to continuously teach and support others and will encourage to pay it forward, as each progress on her career path. Female executives and managers from all sectors of the industry who are developing policy, leading change, and continuously teaching and championing others doing the same while guiding the delivery of services were nominated by their peers.


Andrea Humphries, Assistant Vice President, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Winner:  Making a Difference Award,
An honor bestowed on individuals who stand out among colleagues as advancing positive change, assuming some risk without jeopardizing others, first time winner Andrea Humphries has had a long and successful career with Gallagher Bassett, where she has grown many of our leaders within the organization.  Ms. Humphries embraces change, while continuing to provide consistent and strong leadership to her team and peers.

Ada Wilson, Alexis Cid, Haydee Adorno, Senior Resolution Managers, & Mariam de Banco, Supervisor , Alison Machulak, Assistant Branch Manager: Winners
Olga Benitez, Gladys Thomas , Briginette Alfonso, & Vanessa Sauceda, Jackie Perez & Cathy Meeks Senior Resolution Managers; Shani Wright, Assistant Branch Manager: Nominees
The Claims Adjuster/Examiner/Manager Award honoring superior abilities to manage multiple claims toward successful resolution by ensuring each injured employee is directed to appropriate providers and provided support throughout the claims process. Working diligently to control costs, our nominees ensure the heath and recovery of the injured worker is at the forefront of their actions, so that the best outcome possible is achieved on each claim.  Each of our winners and nominees represent the best we have in our claims operations division, consistently delivering excellent results to our clients.


Mayra Velez, Service Representative
Winner: Extraordinary Claims Assistant /Coordinator Award
Recognizes for exceptional organizational abilities, scheduling same day appointments whenever possible to help each injured employee, consistently demonstrating outstanding communication with key players, and ensuring and mastering submission of all documentation the day each injured employee is assessed or treated, Ms. Velez was overjoyed at the recognition for the service she provides to her team every day.


Congratulations to all of our Gallagher Bassett nominees and winners!



Ft. Lauderdale team (l-r) Jessica Vera, Mayra Velez, Andrea Humphries, Haydee Adorno, Alison Machulak




Haydee Adorno & Isabel Dovale




Vilma Palma-Blackmon




Miami Dade Public Schools team (l-r) Mariam de Banco, Ada Wilson, Alexis Cid, Olga Benitez, Briginette Alfonso & Vanessa Sauceda




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