LUMINOS: Anonymous Portal Expanded Service
Nov 5, 2021

Mobile devices. Counts very depending upon the data source, but it is generally agreed that there are nearly 15 billion of them operating around the globe. With 2021 population totals hovering around 8 billion people, there are nearly twice as many devices on this planet as there are human beings. Stop and think about that for a moment. A mobile device-to-person ratio of nearly two to one. And the hand-held communication device numbers are predicted to grow to 18 billion by 2025.


The relentless race for compelling innovations in mobile device platforms will, in fact, continue to accelerate with the escalations in portable computing power, memory storage capacities and digital app capabilities. Newly released 5G next generation wireless network technologies are supporting the leap in device connection numbers while simultaneously alleviating network congestion and bottlenecks. And importantly, 5G networks have also significantly increased data transfer speeds, which are needed to support the accompanying pace of change that continues to affect every facet of our lives, including our personal, home and work experiences.


Modern-day business management encompasses many complex activities, processes and procedures. Enterprise risk management (ERM) now includes traditional risks as well as many business risks that are new to the operational arena. And with the expansion in risk program scope comes the need for innovative solutions to continually fuel our management dexterity. The growing number of mobile technologies in your workplace, including cell phones and tablets, does provide an incredible opportunity to think through new and creative mechanisms that can be used to supplement ERM program data collection and analysis activities.


Does your organization incorporate the use of mobile devices into your risk management program? If not, is it because your Risk Management Information System (RMIS) computing applications are not keeping up with evolving technologies? And what impact is that antiquated adoption rate having on your risk programs, mitigation strategies and bottom-line financial results? Have you ever thought about remote device data connections to your RMIS platform?


We have. Successful modern-day risk and claims management programs need timely views of ALL applicable program factors impacting your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). And prevailing program requirements demand accessible computing technologies that include traditional core RMIS feature sets as well as additional tools that meet a wide array of information management requirements. Our goal at Gallagher Bassett is to continually evaluate client, carrier, and broker risk data management requirements to ensure that we successfully deliver the most robust RMIS tools available in the bundled TPA marketplace. 


Utilizing our many Expanded Service options, all of the information and data that influences your risk-management program can now be holistically integrated into our RMIS product suite. Through our partnership with Origami Risk, we have deployed a unique award-winning RMIS solution for our clients. Our Anonymous Portal Expanded Service data management feature set is specifically designed to flexibly manage mobile data collection with our LUMINOS product suite.


At the macro facility level, our RMIS tools can provide your employees with tablet-based Life Safety Code® survey audit data management forms. LUMINOS can also accommodate remote building COPE (Construction Occupancy Protection Exposure) data entry to streamline your policy renewal and appraisal activities. And we can simplify your EHS (Environment Health & Safety) on-site inspections with portable LUMINOS data input tools.


At the individual incident level, we deliver a dynamic set of documentation capabilities that allow your staff members to easily upload on-scene photographic evidence and accident observations with any on-line mobile device. And they can also remotely report investigative root cause analysis details. All in real-time utilizing our LUMINOS RMIS product suite, supporting finger-tip TCOR data access to your risk management program data and documentation.


How much effort could be saved by your organization if reporting protocols captured accident details at the time the incident occurs? What redundant data entry activities could be eliminated by utilizing mobile devices to capture facility audit results? What could you do with a hybrid RMIS product suite bundled together with your TPA claims administration services that includes remote data entry and collection capabilities?


Utilizing our LUMINOS Anonymous Portal Expanded Service module is a great economic value proposition for your organization. And smart business. So go ahead. Execute YOUR vision. Support your decision deliberations with a complete view of all of the risk management program information impacting your TCOR.


So why are you waiting? Are you ready to work together to take your RMIS tools to The NEXT Level? Interested in learning more about our LUMINOS Anonymous Portal offering or any of our Expanded Service options available to Gallagher Bassett clients through our RMIS product suite? We would be happy to talk with you.


Please engage a member of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, SVP RMIS Solutions, at


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