LUMINOS: Packaged Purchase Concept
Sep 10, 2021

Doing any online shopping this weekend? Or researching cable TV options for your new home? How about working with a travel agent on your upcoming vacation lodging and excursion plans?


If the answer is yes, you undoubtedly will be offered both a la carte line item options as well as package pricing options. Package purchase options typically bundle several similar individual items together, often simplifying complex purchasing decisions. Packages also normally include a tiered pricing value proposition that offers more attractive purchasing points for the consumer.


In researching cable TV options for your new home, for example, providers will list such things as available TV programming channels, internet access, and home phone service. Or in checking out the purchase of a new car, the dealer will offer you your vehicle of choice along with available extended warranties and roadside assistance. Features in the same family of products, in this case communications or automobiles, that can be purchased separately. Providers and dealers will also likely offer bundled options that will include two or more individual items together for purchase as a package.


Have you ever thought about a packaged purchase concept from a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) perspective?


We have. Successful modern day risk and claims management programs demand a complete view of ALL applicable program-specific factors impacting your risk mitigation strategies and Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). Our goal at Gallagher Bassett is to continually evaluate client, carrier, and broker risk data management requirements to ensure that we successfully deliver the most robust RMIS tools available in the bundled TPA marketplace. 


Through our partnership with Origami Risk, our extensive list of over 20 LUMINOS Expanded Services broadens the reach of your risk management programs, simplifying the collection and analysis of disparate data sets with a single information repository. Utilizing our many Expanded Service options, all of the general and program-specific factors that influence your modern day risk management program can now be holistically integrated into our RMIS product suite.


Are there groupings of additional features and functions that, if bundled together with your current RMIS product suite, would assist you in successfully managing your day-to-day risk and insurance program details? Are there packages that would provide you with immediate access to all of the data and related information impacting your TCOR and organizational profitability?


Over the next two months, we will be sharing details with you about a revolutionary new concept in the bundled TPA market space: Expanded Service RMIS option packages that may be applicable to our clients utilizing our LUMINOS product suite. We are incredibly excited about our upcoming offerings that will take our LUMINOS RMIS products to The NEXT Level.


Interested in learning more about any of our LUMINOS Expanded Service offerings available to Gallagher Bassett clients through our RMIS product? We’d be delighted to talk with you. Please engage members of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, SVP RMIS Solutions, at


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