LUMINOS: Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Program Documentation
Oct 22, 2021

These are unprecedented times, with shifting definitions of normal. But some things, like data access and analysis needs, haven’t changed. With many of us returning to work environments that are combining traditional office configurations with work-at-home accommodations, remote retrieval of a wide array of risk management information data sets is more important than ever before.


If you had 30 minutes to locate the most recently filed OSHA log documents for your facility, could you easily find the electronic files? Or if you were asked to testify during a claim litigation hearing tomorrow, could you quickly locate all of the photographic images taken during your investigation that corroborate the accident findings? And if you needed to find the property policy documents for your physical location, would you know where to look for them?


Many of us may indeed find that locating all of the relevant physical documentation, electronic images, and spreadsheet files related to our risk management programs is a challenge. With the proliferation of computing power, cloud storage options, and mobile apps that can supplement our paper files, quickly locating and consolidating the needed information now has the potential to be a very complicated and time-consuming process.


With multiple data sources, round-the-clock input flows, and disparate information storage options, how do you pull all of your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) program documentation together? Do you have the right tools for the job? Do you have to work for your data, or does your data work for you? Have you ever thought about managing all of your ancillary risk program management documentation with your Risk Management Information System (RMIS)?


We have. Prevailing risk management requirements demand accessible computing technologies that include traditional core RMIS feature sets as well as additional tools that meet a wide array of information management requirements. At Gallagher Bassett, we are continuously thinking about how to merge our claims expertise, intellectual capital, and computing technologies with our ecosystem of LUMINOS RMIS tools. Employing our add-on RMIS features and functions extends the reach of any enterprise-wide risk management programs, easily manages diverse data sets, and simplifies information consolidation.


Through our partnership with Origami Risk, our extensive list of LUMINOS Expanded Services can simplify the collection and analysis of disparate data sets with a single information repository. Utilizing our Notes and Attachments Expanded Service option could provide your company with the tools needed to organize your risk information management data collection processes and procedures.


At the individual claim level, upload accident investigation photographs, consolidate relevant video files, add client notes to the LUMINOS claim data set, and centrally store relevant post-accident audio interview files. At the macro location level, attach building appraisal Microsoft® Word documents. Integrate all risk program trend analysis Excel spreadsheets into your RMIS data. Add life safety audit photos to back up NFPA 101® compliance reviews. Electronically store policy documents. And manage historical OSHA 300 and 300A log files for future reference. All within the bounds of our LUMINOS RMIS product suite, supporting easy access to applicable risk management program documentation that supports your TCOR deliberations.


What could you do with an award-winning RMIS product suite? What if it was bundled together with your TPA claims administration services? How would your daily work flows change and improve if all of the relevant data and applicable documentation was available in electronic format within your RMIS platform? When you stop and think about it, having a complete view of all the risk management program information impacting your TCOR really is smart business. And utilizing our LUMINOS Notes and Attachments Expanded Service module is also a great economic value proposition for your organization.


Are you ready to work together to take your RMIS tools to The NEXT Level? Interested in learning more about our LUMINOS Notes and Attachments offering or any of our Expanded Service options available to Gallagher Bassett clients through our RMIS product suite? We would be delighted to talk with you.


Please engage a member of our Sales or Client Service teams, or contact Jennifer Turner, SVP RMIS Solutions, at


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