Profile: Pamela Popp
May 21, 2021

What’s your name?



What do you do at GB and how long have you been with us?

Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer of GB Healthcare


Tell us about your career to date. 

My career highlights have been many, as I’ve worked with some of the best healthcare organizations in the US and have repeatedly been awed by their dedication to patient safety and science.

My election to the role of ASHRM president was a true highlight – because the voting comes from industry peers.  In these and other roles, I was fortunate to work with smart, creative individuals who were dedicated to giving back their time and talents to the industry.  It was a pleasure, and an honor, to have served with all of them.

Becoming the Chief Risk Officer of GB Healthcare was a highlight as well, as it highlighted not only the commitment to risk management within the organization, but also supplied a platform for me to provide resources and support to my colleagues on matters beyond the handling of claims.


What motivates or drives your passion for our industry? Why do you recommend our industry for the next generation of women entering the workforce?

The history of insurance is fascinating and I enjoy teaching students the stories and developments that have moved insurance from gambling to risk financing. Once the history is brought to life, they no longer think of insurance as something that they have to pay if they wish to own a car.

The future of risk financing – especially in healthcare – requires expansive thinking, the willingness to address historical barriers and the ability to multitask.  Women are born for this.


Who is your inspiration or role model? 

My inspirational models include individuals across the spectrum – Bono, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates.  I am motivated by those who have overcome adversity, beaten the odds against them and who continue to give back to others in ways seen and unseen. 


What does equality mean to you?

Equality means being able to exhale when confronted with competition among peers.  It is a trust in the system that regardless of race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation, the system will allow equal recognition and support for everyone. 

It is important for me to take this experience and use it to move forward the next generation of women.  It is crucial for (female) risk managers to be able to hold their own in conversations on risk financing, with knowledge and insight that prevents their views from being subordinated.


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