Profile: Paul Cho
May 20, 2021

What’s your name?

Paul Sung Chul Cho – middle is my Korean name.  While not as prevalent today in Korea, traditionally surname comes first so I would be introduced as Cho Sung Chul (Paul is not Korean).


What do you do at GB and how long have you been with us?

Vice President Claims Solutions, 2 years at GB.


What motivates or drives your passion for our industry? 

I have a passion to create and sustain tangible value for people and organizations.  Insurance and risk management provide organizations and individuals, our direct and extended clients, such tangible value in times of great need, providing immediate support short-mid term and putting them in a better place for the longer term.


I also have a passion to solve problems.  My consulting background honed my skills to solve complex problems which I am very fortunate to bring in my current role of identifying, creating and sustaining tangible value for our clients and GB overall.


Describe how Gallagher Bassett is helping you face your future with confidence?

I align with and resonate with Gallagher Bassett’s values, priorities and action orientated culture including creating and sustaining tangible value for our clients and our employees.  Working with people here, across all levels and functions of the organization, encourages me to keep these values at the center of my activities. 


GB helps me be fulfilled personally by providing a flexible working environment (options on how / where to work, just have to get the job done in the right way), providing employee well-being programs and encouraging / providing programs to give back to our local communities. 


Who is your inspiration or role model? 

I have many inspirations and role models that have come at different times and areas of life, starting with my parents who grew up in Korea very poor and through the Korean War.  They are an inspiration for their vision, courage, perseverance and love in coming to the U.S. and being successful in so many ways, including raising my brother and me.  There are also a handful of role models in my personal and professional life who have helped shape my values and guided me to be balanced and prosperous in a number of areas – these include close friends, religious teachers and work colleagues.  Lastly, there those I admire from afar, people I do not know personally, but appear to share similar values and have greatly impacted the world around them like Bill Gates, who’s work with both Microsoft and now his Foundation have created significant value for the world.  


What does inclusion mean to you?

To me, inclusion means treating and respecting everyone equally, regardless of gender, race, etc.  Unfortunately, not all are given the same value in society, as such, I believe it is our collective responsibility to create and reinforce such an environment whether we are individual contributors or senior leaders within Gallagher Bassett or in our communities at large.


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