GBCARE Improves Catastrophic Transportation Workers' Comp Claim Outcome
Jul 28, 2021

If you are in the transportation business you are all too familiar with the many legal, regulatory, and operational challenges associated with your company. These challenges can cut into profits and growth. In this quarter's Spotlight Success Story, we feature a workers’ compensation case involving a catastrophic injury to a foreman employed by a national transportation company. GB Transportation reduced the duration of the claim, kept medical costs down and with early intervention advanced the injured worker’s recovery.


The transportation company is a member of a transportation insurance captive, and this captive, like many others, is a group of similar companies grouped together to obtain insurance coverage. Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) Transportation practice handles general liability, auto liability, product liability and workers’ compensation claims for this captive. The captive has been active with GB for nearly fifteen years, while this national transportation company has been a part of this captive for about five years. Historically, the national transportation company’s accidents have had low severity and low claim costs. However, this catastrophic claim had the potential to change history and ultimately impact future rates for the captive.


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