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What to Do When Someone Impersonates Your Employee Online

How to Reduce Claim Cost Using An On-Site Mobile Portal

Gift Card Programs: Can They Reduce Claim Cost and Duration?

Early Claim Intervention: The Key to a Healthy Claims Experience

Industry Insights: The Industrial Athlete Model - Better, Faster, Stronger

Industrial Athlete Model: A Team Approach to Work Resilience

Black Friday - It’s the Most Hazardous Shopping Day of the Year

Positive Train Control - Worth the Wait

Gift Cards as a Claims Mitigation Strategy

Shoplifting Impact

The Picture May Surprise You - Video Surveillance and the Effects on Restaurant Claim Outcomes

Changing Risk in the Age of E-Commerce

Foodborne Illness - Are You and Your TPA Ready to Respond?

Retail Wage Increases Don't Have to Impact Indemnity

Don't Let a Valuable Witness Slip Away

Smart Steps Toward Restaurant Safety

Tricky Behavior Is Not A Treat In Retail

Embrace the Holiday Rush

Best Of Industry Insights: Retail

Best Of Industry Insights: Restaurant

Practice Safe Serve

Retail & Restaurant Claims: Use Today to Focus on Tomorrow

The Grand Reopening

Industry Insights: Grease is the Risk

Testing the Waters: Retail Reopening as COVID-19 Cases Rise

Bad Behavior Revisited: Retail Risk in 2020

On Being a Retailer in Times of Crisis

Keeping Up with COVID

Minor Burn or Major Problem?

Creating Your Halo Effect - Effectively Partnering With Counsel in the Post-COVID World

The Importance of Maintaining Records for Slip, Trip, and Fall Incidents

Industry Insights: Food for Thought: Can You Have Your Dream Kitchen?

Industry Insights: Controlling Retail Risk Without Harming the Brand When Tendering Claims

Building Trust | Moving Away from Self-Administration

How Intellectual Honesty Drives Successful Healthcare Claims Resolutions

Enhancing Knife Safety in the Kitchen to Lower Total Cost of Risk

Fast-Track Claims and Gift Card Settlements — What’s the Value?

Protecting the Public Trust: The Value of Continuous Improvement

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