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Luminos – New Updates

GB Receives Top Honors in Advisen Survey and 2018 RMIS Report

Your Guide to LUMINOS

Profiles: Jennifer Turner

GB Only TPA in Leader Category in 2019 RMIS Report

Workers’ Compensation Claim Services for Transportation Companies

The Agile and the Dead

Improving Claims Outcomes for a Large Retail Client


LUMINOS: A Hybrid Model

LUMINOS: Evaluating Your RMIS Solution

LUMINOS: Fleet Management Module

LUMINOS: Life Safety Audit

LUMINOS: Commercial Insurance Policy Program Details

LUMINOS: Policy Management Expanded Service

LUMINOS: Packaged Purchase Concept

LUMINOS: OSHA Management Module

LUMINOS: Near Miss Management Module

LUMINOS: Enterprise Risk Management

LUMINOS: Data Integration Options

LUMINOS: Consolidate, Manage, and Analyze Data, Including Self-Insured Risk

LUMINOS: Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Program Documentation

LUMINOS: EHS Programs and Strategies

LUMINOS: Anonymous Portal Expanded Service

LUMINOS: COR Allocation Expanded Service Features

LUMINOS: The Cloud and Risk Management Requirements

LUMINOS: Automated Program and Claim Activity Alerts with RMIS

LUMINOS: Supporting Your Decisions


LUMINOS: Traditional Risk Data Processing to Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Information Management

LUMINOS: Track Risk Program Data and Provide On-Going Streams of Actionable Information

LUMINOS: The Next Level FAQs with Joe Zinga and Jennifer Turner

GB Ranked Leader in TPA Category for 5th Year in 2022 RMIS Report

2022 RMIS Report: The Next Step

LUMINOS: How Organizational Risk Profiles Change

Do You Excel at Excel?

Safe Service: How RMIS Solutions Improve Restaurant Safety

Introducing SMART Benchmarking, a new Dashboard from LUMINOS

A Spreadsheet by Any Other Name — Looking Back

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