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Wendy Sumrell Joins Gallagher Bassett’s North American Risk Management Sales Team

No Mardi Gras at ACOEM

2018/02/22 Gallagher Bassett to Sponsor and Present at the 2018 Atlanta RIMS Educational Conference

A Super Fitbit?

2018/03/11 Gallagher Bassett to Sponsor Captive Insurance Companies Association International Conference

2018/03/29 Gallagher Bassett to Present and Sponsor at Advisen 2018 Casualty Insights Conference

2018/03/28 Gallagher Bassett To Present at DFW RIMS Luncheon

When the Sun Comes Up

Early Claim Intervention: The Key to a Healthy Claims Experience

2018/05/02 Gallagher Bassett to Present at Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management

The Guide Line: SMART Benchmarking

2018/06/14 Gallagher Bassett to Present at the 2018 CLM Midwest Conference

Christine Kopecky Joins Gallagher Bassett’s North American Risk Management Business Development Team

2018/09/12 WCD Group to Attend and Present at the Construction Environmental Conference

Gallagher Bassett Earns 2018 Innovation Award for SMART Solution

2018/09/20 Gallagher Bassett is Pleased to Present at Advisen Claims Conference

He Said. She Said. Pew Studied.

Restaurant Brand Protection - Don’t Forget Your TPA In This Priority

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2019/02/21 Gallagher Bassett to Sponsor and Present at the 2019 Atlanta RIMS Educational Conference

2019/03/10 Gallagher Bassett Gallagher Bassett To Attend and Present at the Captive Insurance Companies Association International Conference.

Willie Sutton and Your Comp Program

WCRI Roundup

2019/03/26 Gallagher Bassett to Attend & Support the North Carolina Association of Self-Insurers' Annual Conference

This is Your Comp Program on Drugs

2019/04/18 Gallagher Bassett to Sponsor and Present at the 2019 Advisen Casualty Insights Conference

So, What Are Your Algorithms Up To?

The RIMS View of Cyber Risk

2019/05/20 Gallagher Bassett to Present and Attend the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association Collaborative

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2020/02/13 GB to Sponsor and Present at the 2020 Atlanta RIMS Educational Conference

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Susan Walker joins GB as Account Executive, South Central Region - Risk Management

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